Posted by Kalli Pasqualucci on 27 Feb 2020

Burn, Rhythm, Spirit, Sculpt – this is how Fitness Space divides their classes. I am a yoga and pilates addict – definitely a spirit girl. I have tried all of the Spirit classes and have done classes with most of the instructors (I have only tried Hot Yoga once, so have not had the pleasure of meeting the other hot yoga instructors), and have loved each class for the variety that it offers. Each teacher guides their class differently, and allows you to awaken different parts of your body, mind and soul.

Since doing yoga or pilates at least twice a week, my core is a lot stronger. I am much more flexible and my balance has improved dramatically. And the best thing is that it really improves my mood.

This month, I made a concerted effort to try more of the classes available at Fitness Space. I tried to do a class per category, but wasn’t able to do a Step It Up (Rhythm) class due to work commitments on a Monday, and because I am not an early bird. I couldn’t make a 6.15am class, even if my life depended on it. Haha!

I am easily intimidated by attending new classes with people that I don’t know, doing things that I’ve not done before; so going along to new classes definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.

One Friday evening, before going out, I decided that it would be a good idea to Burn some energy at Boxercise. I had not done a lot of exercise that week, other than yoga, so I thought that a 30-minute class was better than nothing. I used to do boxing as a teenager and loved it, and was not at all disappointed by the class. It was high intensity, boxing skills and exercise; but most importantly… it was fun! I left the class feeling energised. I will definitely be going back.

A week later, I decided to give a Pump it Up (Sculpt) class a try. I have to admit that half way through the class, I was hoping to sneak out. I was aching, exhausted and not sure that my body could handle any more. I walked out of the class swearing to never go back. I hurt – A LOT – the next day, but a day after that I was keen to give it another try. My body definitely felt different after this class.

The best thing about Fitness Space, is that it is personal. I’ve said it before, but I think it is one of the reasons that I love FS Epsom as much as I do. The coaches and instructors encourage you to keep going. I love chatting to them before or after class, and it is so fantastic belonging to such a wonderful community.

I have yet to try a HIIT class – I was very into Joe Wicks when that craze hit, and I think that I am all HIIT workoutted out – or a spin class. But I will. Eventually. The curiosity will get the better of me.

Fitness Space is a fantastic gym, with great coaches, a personalised programme, a variety of classes to suit all gym types, and state of the art equipment. In my opinion, the membership is worth every penny. If I had to pay for all of the classes that I attended this month, I would have paid over £80 – and that wouldn’t have included gym access and a PT session.

For more information on Fitness Space, have a look at their Facebook page, Instagram or on their website, or you could give them a call on 01372 439260.

And because community is at the heart of what they do, Fitness Space will be taking part in the Walk Over Cancer for March. Raising money for Cancer Research UK. They invite you to get involved or donate.

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