Posted by Kalli Pasqualucci on 11 Dec 2019

Nestled among the shops and restaurants of our bustling Epsom Upper High Street is the most wonderful oasis. From the moment, you step over the threshold you are transported to another world. A world for ‘me time’ – peaceful, calm and quiet, but also inspiring and creative.

We were invited to visit PT Depot on Sunday for their 90 minute rejuvenation afternoon – an opportunity to experience the space, and some of the treatments and classes on offer. Their wellness afternoons, which will be available soon, will be ideal for individuals, couples and groups; with the aim of encouraging physical, holistic and mental well-being.

The charismatic Phil welcomed us into his space – a space that is constantly growing and evolving, but is the most wonderful, exciting, instagram-worthy sanctuary I have ever been in. Kat and I have decided that we would move in tomorrow, if we could.

Balinese incense fills the air of one of the group training areas (they have just returned from a retreat in Indonesia), the lighting is dim but comfortable, and the space and people welcome you like you are an old friend. It is a home-from-home experience.

The space is connected, but divided up. The zones are:

  • Gaming Zone
  • The upstairs zone, which has beautiful old-school charm and decor, is divided into Fashion Avenue and a Work/ Inspiration/ Hot Desk area.
  • There is a Yoga/ Pilates/ Meditation group training zone.
  • The downstairs Sanctuary has a more intimate meditation room, two massage rooms (one for singles and one for couples) and a sauna.
  • In the original PT Depot building (out the back, and through the secret garden) there is a Gym zone and Kitchen zone.

After a tour of the space, and having fallen completely in love with it, I started my rejuvenation afternoon with Tatyana, who specialises in meditation. Meditation is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated experiences, and one that is so helpful in stressful modern times. I have not done meditation in a while due to busy-ness – the worst excuse for not doing things that you love, so it was a pleasure to close my eyes and be surrounded by peaceful music, incense, warmth and the comforting sound of Tatyana’s voice – I was transported far far away. After my session I felt refreshed, calm and totally chilled out. And as a result, I have made time for daily meditation ever since.

I was nervous about the massage aspect. The thought of having to undress on a cold day, in a new place, with a new person, and having a massage did not fill me with great excitement. So imagine how happy I was when I was told to lie, fully clothed on the table. Atanas started the treatment by checking my alignment. After all of the massages, doctors appointments and chiropractic treatments that I have ever had (I have a bad back), no one has ever told me that I have mild scoliosis. Atanas took photographic evidence to show me how misaligned my feet and back were. The session – which focussed on alignment, some adjustments and massage – has made such a difference to my back and my alignment and I cannot wait to go back again. It was the first time that I actually felt like I have had an effective massage.

I then had the delight of making a chapati with the hilarious and gregarious Sudesh from Good Evening. Sudesh, who does Indian Supper Clubs and cooking classes, taught us how to make a chapati from scratch. She also taught us how to make them more flavoursome. And we were treated to some of her delicious warming curry.


The icing on the cake was that we were then invited to attend a festive feast with the PT Depot team – curries (I am still thinking about that dhal curry), chapatis and Jamaican rum cake. The PT Depot team make you feel at home. Like part of a family. I wish that I was there… everyday!

You can find out more about PT Depot by checking out their website or following them on Facebook or Instagram. Or better than that get in touch with them to arrange a tour.

Kalli xx

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She is passionate about film, theatre, art, music, books and good food. She is a digital marketer and social media manager and teaches yoga.

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