Posted by Devenia Besant on 14 May 2018

Like a train in winter, it might be late but it’ll (probably) arrive, it’s… a week in the borough!

💢 *Friday*
We initially had a report of a domestic dispute in the High Street in Epsom, which soon turned into a report that a woman was being pulled by the arm by a man. As officers were deploying a further call saying that a woman had been assaulted and pushed to the ground near the park was called in. officers located the woman but the man had run away. Officers brought the woman to the police station to talk to her is a safe environment. Later in the evening the man was arrested at a friend’s house and taken to custody for domestic assault. He has since been released on bail while investigations continue.

📡 *Saturday*
Officers are investigating stalking and harassment following a report by a resident that their ex-partner had been messaging them whenever they went out, knowing where they were. On one occasion the suspect had used unreturned spare keys to take the car, and stolen item from it. Officers conducted an arrest and search on the suspect and located a manual for a GPS tracker at their home address. Due to finding the manual, and initial the allegation by the victim, officers searched the vehicle and found the GPS tracker hidden in the spare wheel compartment of the boot. The suspect was taken to custody and interviewed. They have since been released on bail while further digital investigations are carried out.

If you, or someone you know, has been the victim of domestic violence, stalking or harassment, you can find information on reporting incidents and getting help and support at

🚑 *Sunday*
We received a 999 call from an anonymous man who had taken an overdose of sleeping pills. Contact Centre staff conducted checks on the phone number used and found an address for the man in Epsom. Officers attended, located the man in his house and immediately called for ambulance due to the original phone call. Officers believe the man may have taken a packet of sleeping pills and drank 2 bottles of wine. The man was taken to hospital by ambulance, not only due to his overdose, but also other medical concerns paramedics had.

💊 *Monday*
During the late evening officers carried out a patrol of Nonsuch Park. Officers spotted a white car with two male occupants as the only vehicle in the area and popped over to have a chat. Noticing a strong smell of cannabis the officers conducted a search of the vehicle and found some of the class-B drug in the passenger foot well. While searching the boot of the car officers found wraps containing class-A drugs. Due to neither people owning up to possessing the drugs, the driver is being dealt with for possession of class-A and the passenger and driver are being dealt with for possession of class-B.

✊🏼 *Tuesday*
Officers were called to a report that a man had been assaulted on Epsom High Street and that the man knew who the offender was. The assault was caused by a previous dialogue where the offender became annoyed at the victim refusing to help them with something. The victim alleged that the offender had grabbed him round the neck before goading him into a fight in the park. The offender walked off but the victim went home to avoid further confrontation. Officers located the offender the next day and interviewed him over the allegation. CCTV of the incident was also reviewed and due to a counter allegation, the offender and victim were given words of advice in regards to their conduct with each other.

👩🏼‍⚕️ *Wednesday*
Local officers went to assist ambulance crews after a report of a man having adverse behavioural issues caused by Cocaine. The concerns were called in by a relative after his behaviour started to rapidly degrade. Ambulance crews arrived and the man became increasingly agitated and aggressive at the fact paramedics were there. Due to their concerns for their safety and his medial requirements, paramedics called us. Officers managed to calm the man long enough for him to be checked over, however it had transpired that the man had attempted to assault the paramedic by biting and so, as he was deemed medically fit, was arrested for attempted assault and domestic assault with his relative. The man has since been released under investigation.

💳 *Thursday*
Officers were called to a local bank after the Bank Manager had concerns for an elderly woman who was with her son. The son was attempting to transfer money from her account to his, which wasn’t the first time it had happened. Since opening the bank account the woman had transferred nearly £17,000 to the son, always with him present. Officers and staff believed that the woman did not have sufficient mental capacity to authorise decisions to transfer the money and it was likely done under duress. Checks showed the son had previously been reported for a similar fraud in another bank some years previously. The son was arrested on suspicion of fraud and officers arranged for carers to look after the woman, with help from social services.

All information provided by the Epsom and Ewell Beat (Surrey Police).

Devenia Besant
Devenia (Dee) Besant is the founder of Epsom and Ewell Families. Runs a busy household as a mummy of 3 and a wife and some would say crazily committed to helping small businesses and the local community.

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