Posted by Devenia Besant on 20 Feb 2024

Home Instead Epsom & Mole Valley is in their 14th year and are proud to be recognised as the highest rated ‘outstanding’ care company in Surrey by the Care Quality Commission.  They are always looking for new members to join their caring team.

Here’s what one of their carers Maria Sutherland says about her position working with them:

After around thirty years of working in nursing and the mental health field, I really felt that it was time for me to focus my work life on the very thing that had brought me in to the nursing profession in the beginning; the word at the heart of this for me was “ care”.

I have always believed that real, wholehearted care can change lives and can breathe new life into people, where there may have been suffering and challenges for them over the years.

For me, the time had come to simplify and work with people as purely as possible with the idea of “ care” being my truest intention.

I applied to Home Instead to work as a care professional as I was struck by the aims and values they described. It seemed that they aligned so closely with my own. Home care is designed according not only to someone’s needs, but moreover what they want and wish for. The entire concept is about looking at a person’s whole life and how we can be alongside them in ways that help them to keep on living a life that matters to them and is an expression of who they are.

Home Instead put the importance of “connection” right at the core of the work. When someone is at ease and comfortable with another human being, they can show you who they are and you are in the privileged position of being part of their story as it unfolds. Every effort is made by Home Instead to match people with a care professional who shares similar interests. Shared experiences can then nurture a meeting of minds and a friendship. We know that it’s these aspects that can bring joy to lives. As life takes on the complexities of ageing, we seek to keep finding those opportunities and times for joy.

Each person I work with teaches me something so important. Listening to life stories and experiences teaches me more each time about who I’m with and how this person has found their way through their own hard times. I try to ensure that I keep the essence of each unique individual at the forefront of my time with them.

One day, I may be taking a walk with someone as they slowly rebuild their health following illness. Another day, I may be searching for music that connects with someone who is living with dementia. I might be assisting someone as they plant bulbs in their garden, talking about Spring and the things they are looking forward to. It may be that I’m planning a meal with someone, shopping together for ingredients and then cooking side by side. Food so often brings pleasure and cooking together can bring fun and laughter. Or, sharing a joint love of books and music brings hours of happiness. Home Instead views these activities as the most important part of our work. This is precisely why I chose to work with this organisation.

Families and loved ones will also trust us to hear their experiences and we learn from each other as we go. Each day leaves me with a real sense of fulfilment, as well as sparking my curiosity as to how we can find the very best ways to help a person live as contentedly as possible.

Memories are shared, bonds are formed and nurtured, and life is the beating heart of this work. If these simple yet very important values align with your own, then perhaps becoming a care professional with Home Instead could be as special for you as it is for me.

– Maria Sutherland

Are you ready to start a new career caring for the elderly in our community?

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Good Luck!

Dee xx

Devenia Besant
Devenia (Dee) Besant is the founder of Epsom and Ewell Families. Runs a busy household as a mummy of 3 and a wife and some would say crazily committed to helping small businesses and the local community.

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