Posted by Michelle Casey on 22 Dec 2020

It has certainly been a bit of an alternative run up to Christmas this year- many events cancelled or conducted in a socially distanced manner. Nonetheless, the good folk of Epsom and Ewell are trying to keep things as festive as possible in order to maintain the Christmas spirit.

On my street, the lovely Sunnymede Avenue (I’m not biased, you’re biased!), we have been revealing ‘Advent windows’ since the beginning of December, all organised by the resident Mrs Christmas (Camilla, you know who you are).

Those who wished and were able to take part were assigned a date and this has been their ‘reveal day’. It has been so much fun. I think my neighbours will agree with me when I say the adults are enjoying it every bit as much as the children. We have had all sorts of festive offerings: from shining baubles to silhouettes of a Christmas eve scene, Santa on his sleigh to Christmas diggers, polar bears, the Grinch and more. It has given the residents of Sunnymede a chance to shine their creative light.

It has been a talking point and a way to keep us all connected. With the spirit of Christmas in the air, perhaps it has even boosted our giving spirit as the haul for Epsom and Ewell foodbank donated by the residents of Sunnymede was impressive! No bad thing at all.

We also enjoyed a socially distanced Christmas street party with mince pies and mulled wine on our doorstep while the big guy himself, Santa Claus, made a guest appearance.

But the festive cheer hasn’t been limited to Epsom and Ewell. Ashtead and Stoneleigh have been getting the Christmas ‘feels’; Craddocks Avenue, Newton Wood Road, Walsingham Gardens and Seaforth Gardens (to name just two streets) are looking splendid with their enchanting light displays and decorations. I particularly enjoyed the fir trees dressed as Swedish gnomes or ‘Tomte’.

And then there are the Yarn Bombers of Ewell making their Christmas mark. They have been creating delightful Christmas scenes atop the post boxes using, yes that’s right, yarn. One of the ladies behind it, the ‘Caped Crocheter’ as she has become unofficially known, thought she would make decorative ‘hats’ for some local post boxes to provide some much-needed cheer during lockdown. These proved very popular, so she continues to do it. The Yarn Bombers of Ewell even made a Christmas tree which is on display at Barking Marvellous on Ewell Village High Street.

In this year of social distance, these beautiful offerings have brought us together and given us something to smile about. They have added much needed sparkle and cheer to these winter days and nights.

If you can, get out and enjoy some of these festive local offerings.

Happy Christmas and stay safe.

Michelle xx

Michelle Casey
Michelle is a newcomer to the borough (since summer 2019) and lives in West Ewell with her husband and two children. She is a part-time primary school teacher and works in various schools in the area. When not teaching, writing, walking or attempting yoga, she is likely to be found at a playground or soft play with her littlies-preferably one that serves good coffee…

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