Posted by Michelle Casey on 12 Nov 2020

Whatever the exact situation on December 25th, Christmas is set to be a bit different this year.

Many of the events we associate with Christmas look unlikely to happen. Events which bring us together as a family and a community: Nativity plays where we see our little cherubs adorably fudge the lines they have been practising for weeks on end; pantomimes which leave us all with a resounding echo of ‘He’s behind you’ ringing in our ears long after we have left the theatre; Carol services  connecting us with a sense of tradition and community; Christmas markets allowing us to support local artists and producers while enjoying the spicy aroma of cinnamon in the air; work do’s where we can let our hair down and ‘Rock around the Christmas tree’ and much more.

But Christmas isn’t just about the parties and festivities. It’s about what they represent: something to look forward to ‘in the bleak midwinter…’. A time of year where it can be cold, wet, and altogether a bit grim. According to historians, midwinter is a natural time for a feast: in agriculture, the harvest work has been done for the year and there is nothing left to be done in the fields. Christmas coincides with the winter solstice, which is about light winning over darkness and hope for a bright future. We all need some light in our lives right now!

Let’s look on the bright side- what CAN we do this Christmas?


Snuggle up with some hot chocolate and enjoy a Christmas movie together (The Holidate, Miracle on 34th Street, The family Stone-a personal favourite but I’m yet to meet someone who agrees!)


Fill your home with the scent of cinnamon, cloves and bread fresh from the oven.


Making gifts isn’t really my thing, but one of the most beautiful and unusual gifts I have ever received was a homemade pomander ball from a child. It smelt amazing and kept my desk drawer smelling ‘clovey’ fresh for months. You can find out how you can make your own here.


Get the family out for a stroll around the neighbourhood and enjoy the lights. Or, restriction permitting, head to RHS Garden Wisley and check out the Glow Trail.


An oldie but a goodie. Dig out the board games, which we don’t often get time for in the hubbub of everyday schedules. Re-discover them. Talk, learn, laugh. Argue…you know it’s inevitable…


Get cosy with your littlies and enjoy one of the many Christmas books on offer. You can find a selection here.


If none of the above appeal, at least you now have the time (and justification) to sit around and eat Quality Street in your pyjamas all day… if ever there was a reason for a duvet day, the year we have just been through is probably it.

Above all, embrace the time to be together.

I wish you all a wonderful (and safe) lead up to Christmas.

Michelle xx

Michelle Casey
Michelle is a newcomer to the borough (since summer 2019) and lives in West Ewell with her husband and two children. She is a part-time primary school teacher and works in various schools in the area. When not teaching, writing, walking or attempting yoga, she is likely to be found at a playground or soft play with her littlies-preferably one that serves good coffee…

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