Posted by Rebecca Browne on 13 Feb 2022

This week has been Childrens Mental Health Week a week created by Place2be, this year the theme has been Growing Together so here’s some of my thoughts and information on the topic!

“ Growing Together is about growing emotionally and finding ways to help each other”

Children can see physical changes very easily but often seeing emotional growth is trickier.  As Parents and Carers we can support our children emotionally in many ways and encourage that growth mindset.

Its ok to make mistakes

Children need to learn that life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. I love this quote and put it up in my eldest dayghters bedroom.

“If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L means First Attempt in learning. End is not the end, in fact E.N.D means Effort Never Dies. If you get a No as an answer, remember N.O means Next Opportunity.”

We all make mistakes, otherwise how do we learn. How do you respond in front of your child when you make a mistake? Resilience in children is all about the relationships they have with their caring and nurturing adults.

Get away from the noise

Some children will love peaceful activities such as childrens yoga or meditation but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
I have two children, one of which is a pre- teen who loves their tech and so I know how hard it is to get them to put them down but just a few minutes of calm or therapeutic activities such as art, sport, music, dance or drama can give them time to just focus on what they are doing in the present moment.  It might be something a child loves to do – lego, crafts, reading or role play. Play allows children to make meaningful connections in life.

Celebrate a win

With half term here why not ask your child if there is something they have always wanted to try or learn. Could you learn together?

If we can change children’s mindsets from “ I can’t do that or Im not very good at that “ to “ I’ll try” then we are supporting with continuing their growth.

Let’s celebrate their wins, however small to us, might be huge to a child.

For older children, they might like to make a celebration Journal. What do they love/enjoy doing, what are they proud of, what could they try next.  Younger children or those who love creativity could create something similar to a vision board . Fill paper with pictures, photos, affirmations all about them, what they would like to achieve.

Not forgetting our youngest children. By providing safe, loving and nurturing first 1001 days, we are ensuring positive mental well-being.

For more information on Children’s Mental Health Week visit:




Becky xx

Rebecca Browne
Rebecca is based in Ewell is a mummy to two girls and owner of Yoga Bambinos. Her experience is in Early Years Education, Hospital Play and Children’s Yoga.

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