Posted by Kalli Pasqualucci on 26 Sep 2019

As a child, I hated writing. My teachers always gave me such a hard time, because I used to rush and often ended up scribbling. I was forced to spend hours correcting my writing, which I am sure is why I loathed it so much. As a teenager, I fell in love with Shakespeare and loved the writing of the time. I loved how beautifully it was written – something that I always wished that I could do.

When I heard about Stacy Oakley Calligraphy and her workshop, I was desperate to do it. I arrived at the lovely Jess and the Beanstalk (for my first visit) in Epsom last night. Stacy – who now feels like a friend, due to our chats on social media – gave me a big welcoming cuddle; and as a group we settled down with some snacks and drinks to start on our exciting new challenge.

Stacy had beautifully prepared little starter kits for us all – complete with a personally calligraphed name tag and gift bag (for our new Calligraphy goodies) – a fantastic way to keep us practising.

We started the class learning the basics, followed by the alphabet and finished with attempting some words and letter flourishes – guided by Stacy. I never thought that I would be able to write like that, after just a few hours (signs of a great teacher).

Stacy exudes a calm, helpful and caring nature; which made everyone feel comfortable and made the course so wonderful to attend. I arrived home feeling very peaceful and happy, and spent hours practising last night and spent more time practising this morning – I can’t get enough of it.

Thank you Stacy, I cannot wait for Calligraphy and Cocktails and more workshops, in the future. If you would like to find out more about her workshops, personalised and wedding stationery, you can find Stacy on Instagram, her Facebook page or group or her website.

Kalli xx

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Kalli Pasqualucci
Kalli lives in Epsom with her two boys and husband.

She is passionate about film, theatre, art, music, books and good food. She is a digital marketer and social media manager and teaches yoga.

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