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Most people in Epsom and Ewell have heard of the name Glyn, but do you know who the Glyns were? And why so many places in Epsom and Ewell are named after them?

Who are the Glyns?

Records of the aristocratic Glyn family – who influenced the Church, local history and the geography of Ewell – trace back to the early 1400s. Margaret Henrietta Glyn, born in 1865, was the last descendant of the Glyn family. She was known for her musical talent and being an active campaigner for local causes.

Margaret’s Local Impact

Margaret purchased Hatch Furlong, saving it from developers, to preserve the Bourne Hall grounds – proof of her dedication to her community. After inheriting the Rectory from her brother, she sold it to Surrey County Council. It was then transformed into an educational centre, which was renamed Glyn House.

About Glyn Hall

Nobody is sure of the exact date that Glyn Hall was built, but it is believed to have been built between 1866 and 1894.

Initially, it was used as Margaret’s music practice space. It then evolved into the Parochial Room, which was dedicated to local education and well-being.

The Challenges

This lovely community space has hosted many celebrations, events, workshops and meetings and has faced various challenges in recent years. Despite efforts to maintain Glyn Hall, its condition has deteriorated.

As a result, the trustees contemplated selling it to developers.

A Community Response

In 2021, resident Alison Price initiated a 12-month challenge for revitalising Ewell Village, which sparked discussions about Glyn Hall’s fate. The u3a and trustees met and discussed options for its preservation.

Honouring Margaret’s Vision

While preservation efforts were supported by a local conservation officer, it was acknowledged that the building was beyond repair and that a new building, bearing the Glyn name, would be built to honour Margaret Glyn’s legacy and vision.

A New Chapter for Glyn Hall

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council has granted planning permission for the re-development of Glyn Hall, but the trustees need you to ‘help bring this dream to life. By helping us, you will be helping yourself, your family, and the community you’re part of.’ You can donate money to Glyn Hall here. Or find out more about them at

I cannot wait to see the future building… And to host events there. It’s going to be incredible!

Kalli x

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