Posted by Devenia Besant on 28 Jun 2020

Something worth making a little time and space for…

Cooking is a strong passion I’ve had since my early childhood which stretches far beyond the confines of my cottage kitchen at home. This passion has developed into a business where I’m able to share and teach skills within my community and beyond. Capturing the imagination and creativity of all involved.

Whether it be with my friends and family over a glass of wine or on my own where I can lose myself in creating healthy, flavoursome food; inventing exciting new dishes with a contemporary twist is something I’ll never tire of.

With all great developments comes evolution and with busy lives comes the need for preparation and organisation. We all feel the need to keep those plates spinning!

Batch cooking was something I first did 15 years ago with my life as a wife and mother being juggled with working in central London. Lives are just as busy now but with work/life balance forever changing, meal planning remains just as important.

For me, as my family has got older, our tastes and diets have obviously changed however I am still a great batch cooking advocate.

It allows you to shop in bulk, saving you time, money and giving you those very much appreciated nights off.

Due to dishes being homemade, I know exactly what’s in all my family’s meals giving me peace of mind that I’m avoiding unseen levels of salt, sugar, fats and preservatives.

If you’re thinking of giving batch cooking a go, here are my top tips: –

  • Plan meals with care
  • Bulk buy to save time and money
  • Recycle all your containers
  • Clearly label and date everything
  • Use minimal water as you can always add more once the dish is defrosted

Should you wish for any more tips please feel free to get in touch via Good Evening!

Take care now & Happy Cooking!

Sudesh xx

Find out more about the batch cooking service and the menu available here.

Devenia Besant
Devenia (Dee) Besant is the founder of Epsom and Ewell Families. Runs a busy household as a mummy of 3 and a wife and some would say crazily committed to helping small businesses and the local community.

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