Posted by Samantha Hicks on 20 Apr 2018

The UK is in the midst of a veritable heatwave. As we aren’t used to seeing the big yellow thing in the sky too often it’s important that we keep our kids delicate skin (and ours) well protected throughout the day. We are all aware of the importance of sun factors (SPF) and how they protect from UVB rays; the number on the bottle refers to how much longer you can stay in the sun – i.e. a cream with SPF30 would mean you could stay in the sun for 30 times longer than you usually could without burning. Equally important is protection against UVA rays – that’s measured by the stars on the bottles, 5 being the highest defence against the damage.

We’ve investigated some of the best sunscreen for your little ones below:

For active kids: Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids SPF70 141g RRP £14
Ideal for active kids, this water resistant formula is oil-free and can be applied to wet or dry skin, also it provides broad spectrum UVA protection

For pale/sensitive skin: M&S Ultrasun Kids SPF50 150ml RRP £30
This offers very high protection from both UVB and UVA (95%) and is suitable for sensitive skin, it has extra protection for kids who haven’t so far built up much protection from the sun.

For organic ingredients: Green People Organic SPF 30 150ml RRP £18.50
The ethically conscious among us may like to consider this option; it’s organic and veggie friendly, fragrance free & non greasy and suitable for those with sensitive skin. It says it offers ‘high protection’ against UVA rays.

For all rounder: Nivea Sun Kids SPF50 200ml RRP £7
An old favourite, it’s water resistant and feels lightweight for such a high SPF – it has 4 star protection against UVA

For water- resistant: Aldi Kids Extra Water Resistant Sun Lotion SPF50 150ml RRP £2.39
This budget sunscreen gives more expensive brands a run for their money, it has the maximum 5 star UVB protection and is nice and thick, a little goes a long way.

For babies/very young children: Sunsense Kids SPF50 50ml roll on RRP £10
This has very high protection against UVA and is perfect for very young children as it is suitable from 6 months.

For long-lasting protection: Boots Soltan Once Kids SPF50 200ml RRP £10
This promises protection for up to 8 hours if used correctly, and has the highest UVA rating.

As parents, one of our main priorities in the summer is keeping our kids safe in the sun, hopefully this list will help you decide which is the best choice for your family in the coming months.

Keep safe and enjoy the weather!

Sam xx

Samantha Hicks
Samantha Hicks is an Epsom based writer and mum of two who has contributed to a number of online publications and also managed several social media pages for local information Facebook pages. She can be found at various soft plays and toddler groups in the area and is constantly on the lookout for new activities to keep her small people entertained!

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