Posted by Devenia Besant on 28 Apr 2020

I get to work with many great local businesses who always want to add value where they can and one of those has been Christine Michelle Murray who has told me she has been talking with many people over the last couple of weeks, clients, business contacts as well as family and friends about the current situation.  As an holistic therapist she knows better than many how to look after our own mind, body and spirit, but even she has struggled at times.  Having to adapt to so many changes is something that is weighing heavily on people.

Most people are experiencing a range of emotions on a daily basis, having good and bad days.

Christine says:

“Everyone has a diiferent take on what is going on, because we all have a different perspectives, trigger points and worries, financial, health concerns, just a general change of circumstances where we are completely alone unable to socialise or with our partners and/or children 24/7. Don’t forget it is difficult for your children and teens too!  5 /6 weeks into lock down most of us are still adjusting to our new lives.”

Christine’s advice is take one day at a time and she has given me her 5 steps to a less stressed lock down:

1. Do some exercise – even if you can’t get outside do some stretching to relieve tension in your muscles and body. Exercise can just be dancing around to your favorite songs , by yourself or with your family. If you have something like wii sports or Just Dance games on your games consoles then that is another way to exercise. When you exercise this releases feel good chemicals in your brain which not only make you feel better mentally it will also make you feel less lethargic too.

2. Take time to be in the moment – be Mindful – taking just 5 minutes out can reduce stress and anxiety levels. Breathing deeply oxygenates your body and helps you to feel more focused and energised. Some deep breaths coupled with mindfully drinking a glass of water can really help. Get your glass of water and if possble go out into the garden, or a room away from others sit comfortably and drink the water slowly notice the feel of the water in your mouth, in between sips take a deep breathe 3 in six out and feel the tension leaving your body. Focus on what you are doing stop and re focus. You can do this anytime of day, staying hydrated will also make you feel better in yourself too, most pleople do not breathe deeply enough or stay hydrated.

3. Maintain social contact – if possible using some method of contacting people where you can see them Facebook private message calls, skype, zoom facetime, whats app. Being socially isolated is not natural for us, even the most introverted individuals have some friends they meet up with and talk to. This will also encourage you to get out of your nightware!

4. Be kind to yourself – negative self talk makes you feel bad about yourself. If you find yourself being critical of you, take a step back – is that positive advice you would give a friend or are you saying thing to yourself you would never say to another? Give yourself a break, everyone is doing the best thay can. Making time for yourself and putting your oxygen mask on first will help the rest of the people that depend on you. Listen to what your body is saying do you need to take time out and come back to something, so you need to reach out to someone.

5. Routine/Planning – this is not about having a plan that is set in stone –  blocks of time can be moved around, but it is important to have some set points. For example wake up times and bedtimes. There may be other set times you want to include for you and your family such as meal times, exercise, a walk etc – often if you do not schedule these things in they get missed out.

She also says:

“Not everyone one wants a strict routine – you need to work out what works best for you – but do be realistic for example you are not going to be able to teach your children for a full school day. Most people have a house to run, which now includes working out what food you have and what you need when you do venture out. Possibly a business to run, or are working from home. Plan in household chores include the kids in them. if you have them, do try to add some family time too.”

If you feel that you need to talk through your situation with someone Christine is currently offering a free no obligation support call at this difficult time. If you are stressed out about home schooling she is an ex teacher and teaching assistant so will have a good understanding.  Do get in touch with her via her website to book –

Take care of you and yours!

Dee xx

Devenia Besant
Devenia (Dee) Besant is the founder of Epsom and Ewell Families. Runs a busy household as a mummy of 3 and a wife and some would say crazily committed to helping small businesses and the local community.

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