Posted by Devenia Besant on 08 Mar 2023

We live in a super fast paced and at times stressful world. It’s inevitable that things will at times get on top of us.  This can in turn trigger various feelings and emotional responses causing detriment to our mental health.  With that in mind it’s vital that we understand what signs to look for when your mental health is being pushed to the limit so that if needed you can reach out for support.  With all of this in mind we spoke to Sophie from Mind-Growth Mastery who gave us her top 5 signs that your mental health may be struggling.

1. Feeling Sad
It is completely normal to feel sad at times, in fact sadness is an extremely healthy emotion, and can be a completely logical response to situations that are happening around us.  However sometimes this sadness and low mood can be a sign of something else. Particularly if it’s a continuation of low mood.

If you’ve been struggling to find joy and motivation and are continuing to lose interest in things that used to be important or fun to you, then maybe it’s an indicator that something more serious is going on.

2. Withdrawing From Others
At times we can all feel irritated with people and feel you’re better off alone and in need of your own space
Or you may feel during busy times you simply don’t have time or are too tired to fit in seeing friends because you’re working too much etc.

However if you find yourself continuing to make excuses to not see your friends, family, or attend groups that you enjoy, you may be struggling with your mental health.

3. Irritability
When emotions or worries bubble up below the surface and we try to squash them down, continuing to carry on hoping they will disappear in time these emotions or anxieties will inevitably try to find pesky ways to make themselves known.
It can be all too natural and often easier in the short term to ignore our worries, anger sadness or frustration and to tell ourselves we ‘shouldn’t’ feel a certain way.

But actually, why shouldn’t we?

It is far healthier to acknowledge these emotions however If you’ve noticed that you’re continually getting easily annoyed and irritable, your mind and body may be trying to tell you something regarding your mental health.

4. Excessive Worrying
As human beings, we can be partial to the notion of; ‘what if’ – What if this happens? What if it goes wrong? What if I fail? What if I look silly?

Although at times this notion is healthy and helpful in us making daily decisions and allows us to weigh up risk, what if ‘what if?’ (see what I did there?!) goes to the next level?

Ask yourself; are those worries, emotions, concerns and fears getting to the point where they are keeping you awake at night? Are they causing stress and constantly going round in your mind (ruminating)
Are they holding you back?

If these worries are interfering with your life, perhaps exploring them and challenging them could be a very useful way of dealing with the notion of catastrophizing and procrastination

5. Thoughts Of Self Harm
A big one to end this post on.
If you’re having thoughts of hurting yourself or not wanting to be here, it is vitally important to reach out for immediate support.

This can also come in the form of not eating properly or drink/substance abuse.
Things can build up and feel so overwhelming and unbearable.
Sharing it can make the world of difference and to remember that you’re not alone.


If any of the above resonates with you then don’t forget that therapy can help.
Talking can alleviate so much stress and take away the feeling of being alone, it can also help you make links to why you feel a certain way and set goals for how to move forward.

We are so lucky. to have these services listed on the directory:

Mind-Growth Mastery:
Offering a range of talking therapies with low cost therapy options available.
Tel: 07942752281

The Wellbeing Therapy Hut:
Offering a range of therapy options for families, children and adults.
Online services available also.
Tel: 07501468412

Complimentary Therapies With Christine Murray:
Specialising in various holistic techniques and therapies, Christine will help to improve your overall health and well-being holistically.
Reiki and aromatherapy treatments are also available.
Tel: 07840240454

Bridgewood Wellness
Giving you the tools you need to release the stress and anxiety from your life.


Mary Frances Trust A charity led organisation which offers support for people with mental health or emotional health issues
Tel: 01372 375 400 (call)
Text: 07929 024 722 (text)

Sutton Mental Health Foundation
Community led mental health support service for those over 18 living in and around the London Borough of Sutton.
Open: Tues, Thurs and Fri 10-2.30pm Website:

Sutton Crisis Cafe
A walk in cafe ran by Sutton Mental Health Foundation to offer help with those suffering from stress, anxiety and mental health issues.
Available for everyone above 18
Open 7 days a week, 6.30-11pm
Tel: 0800 012 9082

CatalystA non profit organisation based in Guildford offering people in Surrey support with drug and or alcohol issues or addiction
Tel: 01483 590 150 (call)
Text: 07909 631 623 (text)

Surrey & Borders Healthcare Trust (NHS: Mind-Matters) Mental Health Crisis Helpline, advice and
24 hour support for people experiencing a mental health crisis.
Tel: 0800 915 4644 (call)
Text: 07717 989 024 (text)

CYP Haven
A safe space for young people to discuss their mental health and emotional wellbeing for 10-18 year olds
Open Tuesday and Thursdays 3.30-7pm
Focus Youth Centre, 9 Depot Road, Epsom KT17 4RJ
Tel: 01483 519436 (3.30-7.30 Mon-Sat 1-4pm Sundays)

Catch 22
A non profit organisation which provide impartial substance misuse support for young people in Surrey (aged 11-25)
Tel: 01372 832 905
Tel: 0800 622 6662 (out of hours)

Samaritans A charity which offers 24/7 support for people who are struggling to cope.
Ring day or night to speak to someone. Sometimes talking halves the problem.
Tel: 116 123
Write: FREEPOST Samaritans Letters

Mental Health Crisis Line:
0800 915 4644

If you or someone you know maybe in an immediate crisis, always call 999

Take care of you!

Kat x

Devenia Besant
Devenia (Dee) Besant is the founder of Epsom and Ewell Families. Runs a busy household as a mummy of 3 and a wife and some would say crazily committed to helping small businesses and the local community.

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