Posted by Rebecca Browne on 24 May 2018

As a children’s Yoga teacher I’m often asked what the benefits of Yoga for children are, some think of a Children’s Yoga as just physical poses but I can tell you it’s so much more than that!

When practising yoga in their minds children may go on a space adventure or through the jungle and they will certainly be using their bodies but there is so much more to it than just physical poses.

There are many benefits of children practising yoga in a class environment or at home, here are just a few:

1. Breathing Games

Children learn techniques that are fun and enable them to be aware of their own breathing and emotions. The techniques support them in being calm and relaxed.

2. Relaxation and Meditation

Relaxation and meditation play a big part in a Children’s yoga, it might take some children some time to get into and when they do it aid in helping them be in the moment and can be a great release from everyday stresses.

3. Yoga Poses

When children are being a tree, unicorn or bird not only are they using their imaginations they are developing their muscles and strength. It is also a great activity to develop their balance and co-ordination.

4. Confidence and Self Esteem

Yoga is a non competitive activity where children can express their individual creativity. It helps children in achieving a positive self image.

5. Respect

All children are special and this is emphasised throughout practising in a class environment. There is a high emphasis in listening and respecting others.

Above all children should be having fun with it whether it be at home or in a class through games, stories and music. In my classes I always provide a craft activity after we have practised yoga as I find it adds to the mindfulness and affirms the children’s learning – it also gives mums or dads a chance to have a hot drink!  When younger children attend my classes with their mum, dad or carer it can be a magical time for everyone. We give children Yoga terminology to the level they will understand such as Namaste and sun salutations.  We use singing bowls, Meddy Teddy, natural organic oils, candles (not real) to give the children and adults the experience they deserve.

Practising yoga at home or in a class environments is definitely a great tool for time out, distressing and relaxation.

Rebecca xx

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Rebecca Browne
Rebecca is based in Ewell is a mummy to two girls and owner of Yoga Bambinos. Her experience is in Early Years Education, Hospital Play and Children’s Yoga.

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