Posted by Kat Heath on 09 Jan 2021

The last year has been particularly difficult for all of us.  During this third lockdown it is vital that more than ever we look after our mental health and be aware of those around us who maybe suffering.

According to statistics released by 60% of adults and 68% of young people said their mental health had deteriorated since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the publication of statistics such as this, it is evident that now more than ever we collectively need to be aware of how our friends, families and the community around us as well as ourselves maybe suffering mentally and emotionally.

Below are some small gestures that could potentially have a positive impact on someone’s day who maybe struggling:

1. Drop a note or write a letter to a member of your family or a friend who may need cheering up.
2. Help a struggling elderly person or a mum with their hands full with collecting some groceries for them.
2. Say “hello” and smile to a stranger.
4. Send an old friend a text asking how things are going for them.
5. Compliment someone via text or over the phone.
6. Call up a relative or friend just to ask how they are.
7. Cook “too much” of those special cupcakes or whatever your specialty is, and give the extras to a neighbour, relative or friend.
8. Do a zoom call with a potentially lonely relative or friend.
9. Send someone who has been struggling a gift, this could be flowers or a box of treats.
10. Let your partner or children choose what TV show to watch.
11. Run an errand for a neighbour.
12. Stop and listen to someone else’s problems/worries over the phone.
13. Donate to charity—whether it be household items you don’t need.
14. Text a friend a joke or a funny story.
15. Despite wearing masks have a friendly chat with the person serving you at the store or cafe.
16. Compliment, share or follow peoples businesses or services on social media.

As well as being kind to others, being kind to yourself and showing yourself acts of self care is paramount during this time.

1. Start your day with exercise. This doesn’t have to be a 10k run. Find something you enjoy and get moving. It will boost your mood and help release endorphins.
2. Have a routine. Routine is vital in keeping you focused and motivated during this unprecedented time.
3. Eat and drink regularly. Eating healthy, nourishing meals will not only help you feel better physically but will also help support your mental wellbeing. It will also stop you raiding the biscuit barrel when your energy levels dip.
4. Support your local businesses and treat yourself to a take away coffee and maybe a favourite slice of cake. You will be supporting the local community and also be enjoying a treat at the same time.
5. Get outside. Even if it’s raining get some fresh air and breathe.
6. Sleep is vital at the best of times but during a lockdown it’s easy to slip into bad sleep habits. We’ve all binged Netflix until the early hours but making a habit of it is not good mentally or physically.
7. Pamper yourself; this may sound cheesy but giving yourself a facial or giving yourself a full body scrub is a complete mood booster.
8. Get stuck into a good book.
9. Experiment with cooking. Make up some new recipes!
10. Treat yourself to some flowers!

These are just a few things that could spark joy for you or for other people.


One in four people experience poor mental health at some point in their lives. This statistic is predicted to be higher since the pandemic.
Signs of poor mental health can be:

Long lasting sadness and or irritability.
Excessive fear, anxiety or worry.
Social withdrawal.
Dramatic change in eating or sleeping habits.
Experience of excessively high or low mood changes.

If you are concerned about your mental health and are experiencing any of the above, visit your GP or healthcare professional as soon as possible.

Useful numbers:
Samaritans: 116 123
Mind: 0300 123 3393
SaneLine: 0300 304 7000
Calm: 0800 585858

Useful websites:

Take care,

Kat xx

Kat Heath
Kat Heath is a qualified beauty therapist and a mum of two boys, Harry and Elliott.

Kat also has been a marketing ambassador and blogger for many on-line mummy sites as well as working as a therapist for Decleor, Clarins and Guinot within Selfridges, Peter Jones and John Lewis.

Her passions are fashion, interiors, wellbeing and food!

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