Posted by Kalli Pasqualucci on 20 Oct 2020

How can I save money on my energy bills? Our appliances are energy saving. We don’t use that much electricity. We keep our thermostat off until mid-November. 

All of these things are well and good, except maybe the last one — freezing is not fun! But there are certain things that use up way too much energy in your home, without you even realising it.

As we approach the winter months here are 10 top tips to save energy courtesy of James Ambrose of  I-Line Energy Assessments:

  1. Block up those draughts. Draughty doors and windows let the warm air out and the cold air in. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to seal your whole house, you could always use newspaper, a blanket or draught excluder to block draughts in doors and windows. If your windows aren’t double-glazed, make sure that you close the curtains or blinds as soon as the sun sets.
  1. Don’t leave your mobile phone charger plugged in (and on) when you’re not using it. A phone charger only uses approximately 5% of the electricity that it consumes to charge your phone.
  1. Change your bulbs to LED lightbulbs. Energy-saving lightbulbs use up to 75% less energy. This tip could save you up to £80 per light bulb.
  1. Insulate your roof! There is no point in heating your home if it is just being released out of your roof. Warm air rises, trap it in your roof and keep your house warm.
  1. Turn your appliances off when not in use. Appliances on standby waste energy so make sure that you turn plugs off, or unplug them. It could save you up to £30 a year. 
  1. Move furniture away from your rads. Furniture in front of radiators can absorb the warmth, meaning that the room may take longer to heat up. Or that the boiler will need more energy.
  1. Keep your fridge stocked — not a bad tip with Christmas approaching. A fuller fridge requires less energy to keep cool. Also, 5ºC is the ideal temperature for most fridges.
  1. Keep your thermostat at a regular (lower if necessary) temperature, rather than turning it on and off all day. It requires a lot more energy for a boiler to warm up from cold, which therefore uses more energy and pushes up your bills.
  1. Wash your clothes at 30ºC and always wash a full load. And if you have your heating on, hang clothes on an airer instead of tumble drying them. Just don’t hang clothes directly in front of the radiator or you’ll make the boiler work overtime.
  1. Make sure that your appliances and boiler are serviced. Appliances and boilers that need to be serviced will be less energy efficient and will need more energy to run. 

If you are moving home or renting a property out, you are legally obliged to have a valid energy performance certificate. James can have certificates done within 24 hours. He is friendly, trustworthy and reliable, and vetted by Epsom and Ewell Families. 

You can get hold of him via I-Line Energy Assessments, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or give him a call on 07899 765824.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful?!

Kalli xx

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